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Grandparents Parenting on PEI

Legal Information for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Friday 20th February 2015 07:30

Island families have a long history of extended family members playing a big role in raising children. However, it is becoming more common for grandparents to take on the role of primary caregiver to their grandchildren.

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March 2015 Best Interests of the Children In Custody and Access

March 2015

Tuesday 6th January 2015 07:11   (Updated: Wednesday 4th February 2015 12:42)

What you can expect if you have to go to court to resolve a custody and access dispute; How the ‘best interests of the children’ can be met; Ways to resolve your dispute outside of court. These sessions are delivered by a volunteer lawyer. Professionals who work with clients in this area are also welcome.

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Making a Difference – The Impact of Law Information on Access to Justice

2014 PLEAC Annual Meetings/AGM and National Conference

Tuesday 26th August 2014 13:43   (Updated: Tuesday 26th August 2014 13:44)

Highlights of the Conference will include a Keynote Presentation by Supreme Court of Canada Justice Thomas Cromwell on the topic Access to Civil and Family Justice – After the Report, as well as several informative panels and presentations on Access to Justice, Trusted Intermediaries, the Relevance of Impact Analysis and Innovation in PLEI.

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CLIA's 2014 Annual Report

Check out what we did over the past year!

Thursday 26th June 2014 06:34   (Updated: Thursday 26th June 2014 06:35)

CLIA's 2014 Annual Report now online.

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Collaborative Practice PEI

Public Launch and Reception

Thursday 1st May 2014 07:35

Collaborative Practice offers an interdisciplinary team approach to respectfully resolve disputes in separation and divorce - without going to court.

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Storm Closures

Wednesday 18th December 2013 05:25   (Updated: Wednesday 18th December 2013 05:37)

Please note CLIA closes for winter storms according to Provincial Government Office closures.

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