Directory of Community Justice Activities
in Atlantic Canada

Initiatives that promote the reintegration of offenders into the community...





Atlantic Region

Christian Council for Reconciliation

Restorative Justice Week activities

St. Luke's Renewal Centre

In addition to co-ordinating prison visitations and supporting offenders and their families to promote "reconciliation between the prisoner and God, the prisoner and his/her brother or sister and the prisoner and himself or herself", the organization plans annual activities for Restorative Justice Week.
CCR has recently broken ground for St. Luke's Renewal Centre, located within the walls of Springhill Penitentiary. The Centre will provide a place for prisoners to reflect on their lives and establish relationships with community volunteers, which will provide meaningful contacts upon release. While they have received some financial support from CSC they are required to raise $200,000 and are accepting donations.
There are chapters active in Halifax, Moncton, Miramichi, Saint John, Wolfville, Handsport and St. John's.

Christian Council for Reconciliation
P.O. Box 1096
Amherst, NS
B4H 4E2
(902) 667-3177


Cons for Christ

This Christian, inter-denominational, non-profit organization was founded in the early 1980's to assist paroled offenders in reconciling with the community and their families.

Rev. Monty Lewis
P.O. Box 3414
Station "B"
913 Smythe St.
Fredericton, NB
E3A 5H2
(506) 452-9956


Fredericton Community Chaplaincy

This organization, associated with Cons for Christ, is an interdenominational community devoted to the support of those who have been released from prison, to the support of those with family members in prison and the promotion of a greater understanding of the criminal justice system. The organization offers programs and assistance to offenders in reintegrating into the community.

Chaplain Allan Ingraham
P.O. Box 3414
Station B
Fredericton, NB
E3A 5H2
(506) 450-9744


Saint John Community Chaplaincy

This organization, associated with the Christian Council for Reconciliation, assists offenders, ex-offenders and their families through prison visitation, counselling and programs to assist offenders to become part of their community. They are very active during Restorative Justice Week, distributing information and doing presentations about Restorative Justice.

Chaplain Dave Hardy
36 Sewell St.
Saint John, NB
E2L 3A2
(506) 634-8218


Miramichi Community Corrections Council

Offender Employment Initiative

This volunteer, community-based committee is in its third year of an employment program for offenders returning to the community. The group has partnered with HRDNB to find jobs in the community for 20 offenders.

Tim Hoban
310 Rennie Rd.
Miramichi, NB
E1V 5Z7
(506) 773-5071
(506) 622-7492


Moncton Community Chaplaincy

This community based organization reconciles and restores ex-offenders into the community . They are active in providing education and information sessions in the community and at youth centres.

Rev. Leon Remus
202 St. George St.
Moncton, NB
E1C 1V6
(506) 851-6384
(506) 851-3133


St. John's Metro Community Chaplaincy

This community based interdenominational group of volunteers promotes the successful re-entry of ex-offenders into society. The organization offers counselling, programs and practical assistance to inmates, ex-offenders and their families. The organization participates actively in Restorative Justice Week and shares with other agencies "in the work of restoring justice, good will and peace to our society".

Philip J. Lewis
P.O. Box 1572
141 Duckworth St.
St. John's, NF
A1C 5P5
(709) 754-1010


Genesis Life Line

This program assists lifers and long term inmates to reintegrate into the community by providing support both while the offenders are in prison and after they are released. They educate the public as well as the people working in the prison system about issues that affect inmates and paroled inmates.

Dave MacKenzie
Genesis Life Line
2559 Brunswick St.
Halifax, N.S.
B3K 2Z6
(902) 423-1219 (t)
(902) 492-0704 (f)


Provincial Correctional Centre

Inmates are encouraged to "give back" to the community through a variety of innovative community service projects such as refurnishing desks for a local library, yearly maintenance at a camp for physically disabled children, painting/maintenance of various churches and designing and building a fish ladder to benefit fish and water flow, which saved a local community $250,000.

Verna Ryan
Manager Prov. Correctional Centre
P.O. Box 2710
Charlottetown, PE
C1A 8C3
(902) 368-5888


Province of Nova Scotia

volunteer probation officer program

The Volunteers In Corrections Program operates under the jurisdiction of the Department of the Solicitor General, Nova Scotia Ministry of Justice. Approximately 100 volunteers work help out with recreational and chaplaincy programs in provincial institutions as well as in probation offices throughout the provinces. Trained volunteers are given the responsibility for ensuring a probationer carries out and completes his/her probation order. This gives the volunteer numerous opportunities to assist the probationer to get on the road to being a productive and responsible citizen and to successfully reintegrate into the community.

Lorraine Vassalo
Community Corrections
Department of Justice
Correctional Services
P.O. Box 968
Station M
Halifax, NS
B3J 2V9
(902) 424-7641
(902) 424-0692 (f)

Circles of Support

Atlantic Region

Correctional Service of Canada

information sessions

CSC is providing information sessions about circles of support around the Atlantic provinces. They are also seeking volunteers. Circles of support are reintegrative circles of trained volunteer community members who meet with the released offender to give him the opportunity to talk about challenges, concerns and to reduce the risk both to the offender and the community of a reoffense. The group meets on a regular basis and is bound together and guided by a written and signed agreement.

Rev. John Tonks
1 Factory Lane
Moncton, NB
E1C 9M3
(506) 851-6392
(902) 667-1592
(506) 851-3305 (f)


St. Thomas University


A presentation on circles of support by Rev. Hugh Kirkegaard of the Correctional Service of Canada was hosted at the University in 1998.

Susan Reid-MacNevin
Associate Professor and Director of Criminology
St. Thomas University
Fredericton, NB
E3B 5G3
(506) 452-0456
(506) 450-9615 (f)


M.O.V.E. Inc.

circles of support training

M.O.V.E. Inc. is sponsoring training for volunteers interested in setting up Circles of Support.

Mary Simpson
Box 825
Memramcook, NB
E0A 2C0
(506) 758-0987
(506) 758-2002 (f)


St. John's Metro Community Chaplaincy

This community-based organization has recently begun using circles of support and accountability to support dangerous offenders upon return to the community. They have two circles at present time (January 1999) and are seeking volunteers to meet further demand for assistance.

Phil Lewis
P.O. Box 1572
141 Duckworth St.
St. John's, NF
A1C 5P5
(709) 754-1010


Nova Institution for Women

Nova Circles of Support

Regional circles of support are being co-ordinated through this program, with guidance from the Spirituality Committee and the Chaplain of Nova Institution for Women. The circles provide intensive caring and practical support to assist women in making a safe, orderly readjustment to everyday life in the community. The relationship includes a commitment to act responsibly according to mutually agreed upon strategies. Workshops are planned for volunteers and the program is seeking interested partners in all regions of Atlantic Canada.

Joan Nickerson
Nova Institution for Women
180 James St.
Truro, NS
B2N 6R8
(902) 897-1750
(902) 897-1788


Restorative Justice Committee of the Conflict Resolution Co-op of PEI

This community-based group is examining possibilities in the area of circles of support in partnership with the Charlottetown Christian Council and the Province of PEI. The partnership sponsored a series of presentations by Hugh Kirkegaard and Bruce Elwood on Circles of Support and Accountability during Restorative Justice Week 1998.

Brenda Picard
53 Doncaster Ave. Apt. 1
Charlottetown, PE
C1A 8H8
(902) 626-3544
(902) 368-6122


Charlottetown Christian Council

This faith-based organization provides prison visitation and is currently exploring possibilities in the area of circles of support in partnership with the Restorative Justice Committee of the Conflict Resolution Co-op and the Province of PEI.

Captain Richard Weber
11 Prince Charles Drive
Charlottetown, PE
C1A 3B7
(902) 368-3932

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