6 ways you can become a partner
in preventing crime

1. Take the time for family and friends.
Being an active part of a supportive network can help prevent crime, contribute to community development, and build community safety. It can also help you deal with victimization should a crime occur.

2. Get involved in constructive activities for youth.
Youths need adult friends who are positive role models. Getting involved with youths in activities that build self-confidence and self-esteem leave them less vulnerable to criminal activity and exploitation. In helping young people to learn new skills, we can also learn something about ourselves.

3. Help develop crime prevention strategies locally.
Adopting a proactive crime prevention strategy will permit you to focus on the key contributing factors linked to crime in communities. These long-term programs such as positive parenting, drug and alcohol abuse, unemployment, and literacy will let you get at the root causes of crime to ensure your crime prevntion efforts will have a lasting positive impact on your community.

4. Reduce the opportunities for crime.
People have a lot more power to prevent crime than they may think. While you can't entirely prevent theft, you can reduce the likelihood of its occurrence. Purchases and cameras should never be left in open view to tempt a thief. And, of course always lock your car. When you are travelling, ask your neighbours to pick up your mail and newspapers. When neighbours help each other, signals are not left for burglars that a home is vulnerable to theft. Neighbours developing a strong sense of community is one step towards creating a safe society.

5. Call the police if you suspect a crime is being or has been committed.
You don't have to have hard evidence. The police will determine if there is a problem. Call if you suspect burglary, child abuse or vandalism - the police need and want your assistance. And never hesitate to seek help if you have been a victim of crime. Your call for help may aid in preventing someone else from being victimized.

6. Join your local Crime Prevention Association or Community Consultative Group.
Taking action in your community is extremely important. By getting involved and participating in crime prevntion organizations that build healthy communities, people can feel less vulnerable. The members of the communities can determine their own futures and ensure their communities are safe places in which to live.

1999, Atlantic Crime Prevention Resource Centre