Crime Prevention Quiz

Don't allow yourself to become a victim of crime! This simple quiz will help you to determine the possibility of your being a victim.

In the home

Do you have a wide angle (190 degree) "through the door" viewer so you can tell who is at your door before you open it?

Do you use only your last name and initial on the door bell and on your mailbox?

Do you keep window shades down and blinds closed at night?

Do you keep the doors locked even when you are at home?

Do you refuse to open the door to any caller who cannot present proper credentials?

Do you avoid leaving notes on your door, or newspapers on your porch which advertise that you're not home?

Do you refuse to give you name, number and address to an unknown telephone caller?

If a stranger should come to your house and ask to use the phone, would you keep the door closed and offer to make the call?

Did you have the locks or cylinders changed when you moved into your home or apartment?

Do you have the phone number of your local law enforcement agency on a piece of tape attached to the telephone?

Do you have deadbolt auxiliary locks on all exterior doors?

If you receive a disturbing phone call, do you hang up immediately?

Do you plan so that you do not need to "hide" a key under the door mat, mail box, or flower pot?


On the street

Do you always walk with someone? (There's safety in numbers.)

Do you change directions or cross the street if approached by a stranger?

If followed by someone in a car - would you walk in the other direction or go up a one-way street?

Do you avoid walking through shortcuts, deserted streets, dark alleys and parks that are not well lit or travelled?

Do you refuse rides from strangers?

When returning home, do you have your key ready to open the door without delay?

After visiting friends, do you call them to let them know you arrived home safely?

After dark, do you carry a flashlight?

Do you let someone know where you're going and when you expect to be home?

Do you use other means of transportation than hitchhiking?

Do you keep at least one quarter with you at all times in case you need to make a phone call?

If someone in a car asks for directions, would you stay far enough away from the car so that you couldn't be dragged in?


In the car

Do you keep car windows at least three quarters rolled up and doors locked when driving?

Do you keep the car in gear at intersections?

Do you make sure you have enough gasoline when travelling at night?

Do you check the back seat before getting into your car and lock yourself in?

Do you keep your car keys and house keys on a separate key ring?

Instead of stopping to assist disable motorists, would you call the police for them?

Do you make it a practice to never pick up hitchhikers?

Do you always lock your ignition and your doors when you park?

When you park your car, do you put valuables in the trunk or out of sight?

Do you make sure the spare tire is in good condition before you leave?

1999, Atlantic Crime Prevention Resource Centre