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FYI News Item: Consumer Protection

Tuesday 12th August 2008 10:58   (Updated: Thursday 14th August 2008 08:10)

Many Islanders have questions about consumer protection, frauds, and ways to protect themselves. We have listed some resources that may help.

The PEI Government's Consumer Services division "provides protection to the public through licensing and regulation of certain individuals, businesses and non-profit enterprises. We also provide consumers with information and guidance so that they can make informed decisions." Their website has a number of excellent resources.

The Government of Canada has an excellent set of resources on how to protect yourself from fraud; how to complain effectively; how to know your rights; and how to investigate recalls and safety issues.  Their website can be accessed here.

CAMVAP (Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan) is a free program where disputes between buyers and vehicle manufacturers can be resolved through binding arbitration.  This only applies to vehicles bought from an authorized dealer within the past 4 years.  More information can be found on their website.

Finding a construction contractor can be difficult.  For information on hiring a contractor, try this website.


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