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Going through Separation or Divorce?

There are many services available for people going through separation or divorce. Some of the programs and services cost money. Be sure to ask about this when you call.

Legal services

Community Legal Information Association (CLIA), 1-800-240-9798 or 902-892-0853. This free service provides legal information but not legal advice. It is a confidential service so the number will not show up on your phone bill or call display.


Lawyer Referral Service, 1-800-240-9798 or 902-892-0853. If you need legal advice you can have a brief consultation with a lawyer for a small fee. After the consultation, the lawyer's usual fee is charged.

Call Lawyer Referral Service

Family Legal Aid, 902-368-6540 or 902-368-6043 (Kings and Queens) or 902-888-8066 (Prince). This program may provide you with a lawyer for some family law issues. There are income and other criteria that you must meet to be accepted.

Call Legal Aid Charlottetown

Call Legal Aid Summerside

Family Court Counsellors’ Office, 902-368-6655. Family Court counselors conduct court ordered homestudies and make written recommendations to the court about custody and access of children. They also provide free mediation services in family matters focusing on custody and access issues.

Call Family Court Counsellors Office

Child Support Guidelines Offices, 902-368-6220 or 902-888-8188. This free service will give you information on the amount of child support your child is entitled to under the Child Support Guidelines. The clerks will help you make an application to the Court for child support or for a variation of child support. This office also has forms for cases proceeding under the Interjurisdictional Support Orders Act. If the other party lives in another province or country, you may be able to complete your application here and have it forwarded to the other location without having to go there or hire a lawyer there. Not all situations qualify. For more information, visit the website: www.gov.pe.ca/iso/

Call Child Support Guidelines Charlottetown

Call Child Support Guidelines Summerside

Administrative Recalculation Office, 902-368-4109. If you have a child support order or agreement that provides for yearly recalculation of child support, you can register your order or agreement with this office to get your child support recalculated annually. If your order or agreement does not contain a recalculation clause, you cannot use this service.

Call Administrative Recalculation Office

Maintenance Enforcement Program, 902-894-0383. This office collects and distributes child and spousal support and takes steps to enforce support orders and agreements when they are not paid. You must register your order or agreement with this service to use it.

Call Maintenance Enforcement

Collaborative Family Practice, In this process, family lawyers, financial professionals, and mental health professionals who have been trained in the collaborative law process meet together with both spouses to work out the issues without going to court. For more information, call CLIA at 902-892-0853 or 1-800-240-9798.

PEI Supreme Court, This website contains the PEI Statutes (laws) and Regulations dealing with family law and the Rules of Court and Rules of Court Forms that are part of court applications.

Island Information Services, 902-368-4000 or 1-800-236-5196. Provides copies of provincial acts and regulations for a small fee.

Call Island Information

Support services

Positive Parenting from Two Homes, 1-877-203-8828 or 902-368-4333. Free education sessions are offered in various Island communities for parents separating or divorcing or parenting from two homes. Sessions help parents deal with concerns about children getting caught in the middle of parental conflict. If both parents participate they will attend separate sessions. There is a program for children in some age groups to help them with their parents’ separation or divorce.

Call Positive Parenting from Two Homes

Community Mental Health, Charlottetown 902-368-4430; Summerside 902-888-8180; Montague 902-838-0960. Offers counseling for individuals and families who are having mental health difficulties.

Call Community Mental Health Charlottetown

Call Community Mental Health Summerside

Call Community Mental Health Montague

Victim Services, Queens and Kings County 902-368-4582; Prince County 902-888-8217/8218. Assists victims of crime with information and referrals, short-term counseling, assistance through the Court process, victim impact statements and criminal injuries compensation.

Call Victim Services Charlottetown

Call Victim Services Summerside

Community services

Family Violence Prevention Services / Anderson House Shelter, 902-892-0960; 1-800-240-9894. Provides a crisis information line and shelter for women and children who are leaving abusive homes. Support and counselling can be provided to male victims, but they cannot stay at the Shelter.

Catholic Family Services Bureau, 902-894-3515 (Charlottetown) 902-436-9171 (Summerside). Offers counseling and mediation services. Offers counselling, education and support services. Also offers an eight week course called "Parenting after Separation and Divorce" (call for information).

Family Service PEI, 902-892-2441. Offers counseling and mediation services.

Private counsellors and mediators Check the yellow pages under counselling and mediation for registered professionals. You may also find information at Family Mediation Canada's website at www.fmc.ca


This pamphlet was published by Community Legal Information Association of Prince Edward Island Inc. (CLIA) for information and education purposes only. It contains general information about the law. It does not contain a complete statement of the law in this area and is not a substitute for legal advice. If you need legal advice contact a lawyer. If you do not know a lawyer, you may contact one through the Lawyer Referral Service (902-892-0853 or 1-800-240-9798). A short appointment with a lawyer through this service will cost you a modest fee.

Community Legal Information Association of PEI, Inc. (CLIA) is a charitable organization that receives funding from the Department of Justice Canada, the PEI Department of Justice and Public Safety, the Law Foundation of PEI, the Law Society of PEI, and other sources. CLIA provides Islanders with understandable and useful information about the law and the justice system in Prince Edward Island.

For more information, you can visit our website at www.cliapei.ca or email us at clia@cliapei.ca . You can also find us at: www.facebook.com/CLIAPEI, www.twitter.com/CLIAPEI and www.youtube.com/CLIAPEI. You can telephone CLIA at
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