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Our vision:

A safe community is one where people know their neighbours, respect themselves and each other, where everyone is valued and included in decisions and activities in the community. There is an absence of alcohol and drug abuse, violence and fear.

Strategies for Safer Communities in PEI

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PEI Safer Communities:

communities and governments working together for community safety and well-being

The Idea - Taking Stock PROJECT

The idea of the project was to take stock and with the community and government partners, put in place a plan to work together for community safety and well-being by addressing the root causes of crime.   The project resulted in PEI Safer Communities Framework.  The Project took 18 months from the time of receiving funding to evaluation.

Steps September 2005 to June 2007

Step 1:
Management Group to oversee and evaluate the project
Step 2:
Planning Committee to learn together and plan for the future
Step 3:
Research to answer the questions:
  • What makes working together among communities and governments successful?
  • What crime/victimization and socioeconomic conditions should we track and how?
  • What can selected communities tell us about their strengths and needs?
  • How can we support communities to have what they need to plan?
Step 4:
Focus Groups to learn from communities about what makes communities safe
Step 5:
A Plan for Working Together - the "how" and "what" of a framework and action plan for working together for community safety and well-being
Step 6:
Provincial Workshop held April 12, 2007
Step 7:
Evaluate ongoing throughout project
Step 8:
Communicate ongoing throughout project