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Our vision:

A safe community is one where people know their neighbours, respect themselves and each other, where everyone is valued and included in decisions and activities in the community. There is an absence of alcohol and drug abuse, violence and fear.

Strategies for Safer Communities in PEI

Members of the Advisory Group

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Printable Documents

A plan for working together

A plan for working together for community safety and well-being includes: a framework- vision, principles, goals, strategies, partners, and protective and risk factors, and action plan 

The PEI Safer Communities Framework provides information on what a framework is and how it can be used. It shows both risk factors and protective factors for community safety. The framework provides some statistics on crime for PEI. There is information about Crime Prevention through Social Development, as a means of tackling social and economic factors that can lead to crime or victimization. The framework builds on previous work by community and government partners and includes a circle of partners to show that we all have a role to play. The framework provides the foundation for future work.

"A Framework Worksheet" helps people to locate themselves in community safety.

One focus of the action plan is to provide local communities with knowledge, skills and access to resources to improve community safety and well-being.  One approach is a series of four half-day workshops - It's All About People: Connect and Learn

Provincial Workshop

In April 2007 community and government partners met togetherto learn and plan for community safet. At the event, the research and the framework were presented. Participants contributed to planning for the next steps.


Evaluation of the Taking Stock Project is a tool to support the work and help discover lessons learned. An evaluation report is available.


Communication includes:

  • Full research reports
  • Brief Information sheets
  • Framework

Next Steps

  • An Advisory Group is being setup to oversee the PEI Safer Communities Framework 
  • The Justice Resource Service, Office of Attorney General provides administrative support