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Focus Groups

Focus Group Findings

To understand the perspective of six communities of interest in relation to community safety, a set of three questions were asked: what makes a community safe; when don’t you feel safe; and, what are the root causes of crime? The comments reflect common themes across the groups as well as point out any differences by community.

What makes a community safe?

For this question, most focus group participants named a short listed of concepts that answered the question for them. This question didn’t seem to elicit as much open discussion as the questions that followed it. However, all groups talked about
the following: 

  • Looking out for each other and a sense of belonging
  • Leaving your house or car unlocked
  • Being connected to your history and heritage
  • The presence of police and other services as a
    deterrent to crime
  • Community inclusion, diversity in language,
    religion and culture
  • Lack of family violence and resources to support families
  • Absence of drug and alcohol abuse
  • Prosperity and having resources