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Areas of Focus


  • Data
  • Exchange
  • Generate


  • Policy
  • Program
  • Templates


  • Collaboration
  • Facilitation
  • Mediation
  • Negotiation


  • Development
  • Training


  • Models
  • Agreements

Printable Documents

Action Plan for Working and Learning Together

The purpose of the action plan is to provide local communities with knowledge, skills and access to resources to improve community safety and well-being, and to contribute to the work of government and business partners toward improved economic and social conditions that impact community safety.


  • Increase capacity of local communities to address crime and victimization
  • Reduce risk factors and increase protective factors for individuals and families
  • Address the unique needs of vulnerable people
  • Create supportive environments for individuals and families


  • Strengthen community action
  • Develop personal skills
  • Build holistic policy

Activities - Three Year Plan

  • Establish an Advisory Group to ensure good governance - work toward goals, grounded in values, guided by principles
  • Develop web site for information, knowledge exchange, and data base of activities; link to national and international resources
  • Provide training in leadership and interest-based problem and conflict solving
  • Produce reports - a quarterly e-newsletter with crime statistics and profile of communities and activities, and an annual report including crime data, emerging knowledge, and best practices in PEI

Other Possible Activities:

  • Research holistic (comprehensive) planning/evaluation and partnership models, develop holistic templates for planning/evaluation and partnership agreements
  • Develop a resource of trained conflict/problem solvers to assist in local community planning