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Comparing PEI to Canadian Average and New Brunswick

Comparisons made in 2005 by the number of incidents (excluding traffic) per 100,000 population. PEI is:

  • Lower than Canada (943) and New Brunswick (834) in violent crime rate - PEI (762)
  • Lower than Canada (3,738) and higher than New Brunswick (2,723) in property crime rate - PEI (3,468)
  • Higher than Canada (3081) and New Brunswick (3199) in other crime rates - PEI (3756)

Comparing impaired driving rates in 2005, PEI (399) is higher than Canada (234) and New Brunswick (283).

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What Do We Know About Crime in PEI

In 2005 there were 11,029 Criminal Code incidents in PEI (not including traffic) (see Figure 1) While incidents peaked in 2003, in the years between 2000 and 2005 there are some changes in crime statistics:

  • Overall increase of 17.8%
  • Violent crime up 4.1%
  • Property crime up 14.9%
  • Other Criminal Code up 21.7% (this category includes mischief, bail violations, disturbing the peace, arson, counterfeiting, prostitution and offensive weapons)

There are many reasons for differences in crime statistics, including public reporting of crime to the police. It is also important to think about fear of crime, which may be different than facts.

Figure 1: Total Criminal Code Incidents (excluding traffic) in PEI - 2001 to 2005 based on Statistics Canada information